Top 5 Race Training Challenges: #3. I’m too scared to Sign up

Sometimes the very thought of committing to something like running a half or full marathon can be terrifying. The fears that creep inside our head before we even pull the trigger can feel so overwhelming that we continue to push it off: “there’s always next year”.  We get it. There are many anxieties that come along with a 19-week commitment to race training.

“What if I get hurt?”
“What if I can’t finish?”
”What if I F-A-I-L?” 

You aren’t alone. Everyone has fears when it comes to training, even if you’ve been running and racing for years—the original fears just evolve into new fears. We want to address your anxieties about race training so that you feel confident to not only sign up for a half/full marathon, but also understand why a training program is the kryptonite to those training fears.

Fear #1: I won’t be able to dedicate the time

Hey, we get it. Everyone is busy and prioritizing running over the long list of life demands can be hard. Here’s the thing: we know you likely can’t make every. single. run, group meeting, social event, and so on, but don’t let that be an excuse to not train or make a go at it. Training the right way does require a commitment, but we’ve created a plan that allows flexibility for busy schedules. Have to miss your weekend long run? We’ll give you the best advice for adjusting your plan to make sure you stay on track.

Fear #2: A life change might prevent me from training or even racing

Life happens. New jobs, babies, relocations, health. You can’t predict these things and they are often inevitable, but you also can’t put accomplishing your goals on hold either. If for some reason you can’t make it to race day… it’s OKAY. The knowledge you receive, the friends you make, the (future) PR gains, the sense of personal accomplishment, and so on are all still worth the effort, part of the journey, and beneficial even if you don’t toe the line.

Fear #3 I don’t want to risk an injury

Oh, we hear you loud and clear on this one. We are runners and we lurve to run, so when we can’t run because of an injury, it’s a big ol’ bummer. Here’s the thing, the BEST way to prevent injury is to train the right way. Proper nutrition, rest, recovery, strength training, and gradual mileage gains are key to getting to the finish line in one piece. Our training program incorporates the help of experts in multiple disciples to coach our runners throughout the 19 weeks. A training program is not just about putting the miles in, it’s the holistic approach to a running lifestyle and one that does not just address the race du jour, but a lifetime of success.

Fear #4 I don’t want to embarrass myself

There’s like 230 quotes on Pinterest to address this issue, but we’ll spare you all of them (feel free to search on your own time though), but if you don’t challenge yourself, then self-growth will be slow to find you. RacePace encourages runners, and even walkers, of all levels to join the program, which is why we choose pacers who run at all speeds. They, plus the rest of our run fam, will be your cheerleaders to the end, no matter if you run or walk across that finish line. Running is an awesome sport in that it’s about individual performance, while running together among friends; the only skill it really requires is moving your own two feet and a desire to push yourself. 

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Couldn’t help ourselves, we had to throw a quote in (you’re welcome) to give you a little inspo to take that first step. Take a deep breath, have a talk with yourself, and give zero f*&cks about making yourself vulnerable.

Fear #5 I can’t really afford IT

Or do you not really want to? Listen, we understand that this requires a time and financial commitment, but the investment in yourself and the ROI (“return on investment” for those non-financey folks) is far greater than you might be able to imagine. You can’t buy friends, personal accomplishment, self-esteem or health, but you can be deliberate about putting yourself on the path to make these things happen. Don’t think about what you might have to give up to commit to your training, but shift your focus on what you will be gaining instead.

We’re going to wrap this up with one more quote because we just can’t help ourselves:

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” 

Don’t let your fears be the excuse to not start something new. A marathon or half-marathon training program is one of the best ways to combat your anxiety and join others who are likely experiencing the same thing. We’re here to support you, motivate you and answer your questions. What fears do you still have? Comment below.

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