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Our running coaches will help you reach new levels.

The Team

We know that running can be an individual sport, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Having experts who can answer your questions, push you further, and help you reach those little milestones that lead to the bigger ones, is a critical part of staying motivated and committed.

Our Coaches Will

Educate You

Educate You

On training techniques, proper form, and how to build mental toughness.

Motivate You

Motivate You

Through curated playlists, intentional programming, and years of experience.

Inspire You

Inspire You

To push yourself, reach new levels and find your joy in running.

The Coaches

RacePace Choach Jeff

Jeff D.

Jeff’s relationship with running started as a mid-fielder playing soccer as a kid.  He ran competitively for the first time in middle school and have refined his love for the sport ever since.  Now, with over 25+ years experience, he has a full appreciation for the science and art of running and how to navigate the ups and downs of training and competing. He’s become a dedicated student of the sport and spends time researching training methodologies, recovery modalities, proper fueling, and supplemental activities to support running healthy and strong for his own training and as counsel for others. He provides 1-on-1 coaching to athletes of widely varied abilities and backgrounds which has helped him appreciate the importance of individualizing an athlete’s training to their specific circumstances, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.


Pre-run food: Rarely eat before a run. It’s just what works for me.

Post-run food: I look for healthy energy sources and some protein, so a fruit smoothie usually works best.

Pump-up jam to reach the finish line: This changes almost weekly but I challenge you NOT to go all-out to Sandstorm by Darude.

Race distance: Half Marathon/Marathon

Race: Boston 2014

Gluttonous indulgence: Chick-fil-a all day.

Instagram: @jdrunner82

RacePace Choach Shiva

Shiva D.

Shiva has always been a recreational runner who loves running as a means of stress relief and general fitness, you might be able to relate. But being a full time engineer at an oil company, the co-owner and coach at RacePace, and a loving wife and dog mom, she knows how difficult it can be to get enough sleep and find a way to incorporate an exercise routine into her daily life. It’s one of the reasons she and Jeff created RacePace: to meet people where they are and make it easy to commit to consistency. Some of her happiest moments (outside of spending time with family) are traveling the world which allows her to see new places by running through them and experiencing the culture through food (it’s one of the reasons we run, right?).


Pre-run food: I don’t usually wake up early enough to eat before running in the mornings but fruit is my go-to energy source

Post-run food: Oatmeal + almond butter + banana and coffee –never gets old

Pump-up jam to reach the finish line: I like to listen to the crowd cheering at the finish line in any race but my favorite finish line song in the studio is Mayhem by Steve Aoki (I am probably guilty of playing it too much in my classes) 

Race distance: Half Marathon is my fave

Race: Anywhere new; best way to see a city 

Gluttonous indulgence: I have too many!!! But I do love a great brunch buffet…just a taste of everything!!

Instagram: @shivzrunz

RacePace Choach Raeh

Raeah B.

What started as a joke with Raeah became her calling card – after her first competitive meet in elementary school, where her team came in last in the 4X100 relay but she won the mile, she realized that distance running was definitely her thing! Cross Country became her favorite sport and long distance runs were a regularity as she became a familiar presence on the state level, ranking in the top 20 of Florida runners from 7th grade through high school, competing at the State Championships each year. Raeah has completed several ½ marathons and full marathons, she successfully completed the Chicago Marathon in 2016, with eyes on New York 2019 and Boston in 2020! Raeah loves spending her time outside of running playing rec-league kickball and softball (her other favorite sport!), trying out new Houston restaurants, and spending time with her giant yellow lab Blue!


Pre-run food: I’m usually up early and will hit the trails on an empty stomach or I’ll have some granola with yogurt before a run.

Post-run food: COFFEE with a side of water and a smoothie or a banana with peanut butter.

Pump-up jam to reach the finish line: Where to start?!?! I love a good mashup. Matoma anything, Triple Double by Girl Talk or Witch Doctor by Michael Montano. Guilty love for Taylor Swift.

Race distance: All distances but I love the excitement of finishing after 26.2

RacePace Choach Victoria

Victoria W.

Running has been a part of Victoria’s life since middle school. She started running through the snow and ice in Maine and traded that for heat and humidity in Houston. She ran cross country in high school and did a few fun runs in college, but it wasn’t until she graduated that she realized just how incredible the running community can be. Some of Victoria’s favourite running experiences are running a marathon with her mum (54 years old woo woo!), meeting her husband at a fun run, camping before trail races, and every single training long run spent with friends. Victoria is a high school boys cross country coach and now more than ever has to stay in shape so she can keep her street cred and keep up with her kids. When she is not running you can find her creating wish lists at Anthropologie, grabbing a margarita at El Tiempo or grading papers at a coffee shop.


Pre-run food: Plain Jane piece of toast.

Post-run food: All the carbs! And a bag of chocolate covered pretzels. (Maybe 2)

Pump-up jam to reach the finish line: Ready for It by T-Swift or anything by Lil Wayne.

Race distance: 10k or half marathon. Both races let you start out a bit slower and then give you plenty of distance to pass people.

Race: Chevron 2018. Perfect weather, perfect race and I qualified for Boston!

Gluttonous indulgence: El Tiempo. Did I mention chocolate covered pretzels?

RacePace Choach Katherine

Katherine R.

Katherine has been running for over 14 years recreationally. She started running on her parents driveway since it was a quarter mile long, and when the back and forth became mundane, she started running at the trail at a nearby local high school. She began running 5K and Half Marathon distances and decided to run a full marathon as a bucket list item before she finished college. She ran Houston’s Chevron Marathon in 2011 and thought that was the first and last marathon she would run. Since moving back to Houston from Denver, Running has become a passion of hers, and she has since run three more Chevron Houston Marathons, with more marathons on the horizon. When she is not running, you can find her hiking, swimming, cooking, traveling or hanging out at her local dog park with her Australian Shepherd, Britson.


Pre-run food: Coffee and Water – Long run, a banana

Post-run food: Chocolate Milk

Pump-up jam to reach the finish line: Honestly, I have been running races without music recently, and really have tried to let the crowd inspire me to the end. So far it’s worked!

Race distance: Half Marathon/Marathon

Race: Boston 2019

Gluttonous indulgence: I will eat just about anything. I really love good Mexican Food with a margarita though

Instagram: @katlrussell11

Brian P.

Brian has always been a goal-oriented person. He’s always had 5, 10, and 15 year plans since he was a little kid and is first to recognize that a lot of things haven’t always turned out like he wanted, but everything started with that first question of where he wanted to see himself. He started running recreationally in high school and into college, starting with a goal to run a half marathon which quickly became a goal to run a marathon and then qualifying for Boston. During training for his Boston Qualifier, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that caused two strokes over the course of a month and the loss of hearing in both ears. The doctor said his marathon training actually worked in his favor or the damage could’ve been much worse. In trying to navigate a new path for himself, he found that running was the one constant and the thing he could still do–it gave him a routine and purpose. Fast forward 10 years, 20+ half-marathons, and 15 marathons later, and he’s still going strong with a goal to run a marathon on all seven continents (only two to go)!


Pre-run food:  I run during the early morning hours and don’t tend to eat before hand, but I always drink a full glass of water as soon as my alarm goes off.

Post-run food:  cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter, and a banana

Pump-up jam to reach the finish line:  Church by T-Pain

Race distance:  Marathon. I love the mental challenge of telling yourself you can when your body says you can’t.

Race:  2013 Boston Marathon, year of the bombing.  It was the first time I truly recognized the global strength, support, and love within the running community.

Gluttonous indulgence:  Bougie donuts, all the frosting, sprinkles, weird toppings, and filling!  Anything but simple and glazed.

Instagram: @seebrianrun

Kimiya Y.

Kimiya started running at a young age – more out of necessity than passion. Throughout high school she was a competitive soccer player who ran cross-country to stay in shape. It wasn’t until college that Kimiya turned to running by choice – she started to run trails when she needed to clear her head, going to the track when she wanted to blow off some steam, or running the city streets when she wanted inspiration and a rush of endorphins. What Kimiya loves most about running is that you never finish a run wishing you hadn’t done it – whether it was perfectly executed intervals or just recovery miles that felt like you had bricks for feet, there is always a victory in just getting out and running. She has raced in numerous short- and mid-course races, eventually working up to racing Ironman Texas in 2019.

Through her racing experience, she has learned the value of cultivating a growth mindset to push the boundaries of what we currently view as ‘possible’. As a neuroscientist and all around science nerd, Kimiya loves delving deep into the psychological aspect of setting goals, committing to consistently pushing the comfort zone, and becoming the best version of yourself – athletically and personally. If you ever want podcast or book recommendations on personal development – she is your girl!


Pre-run food: like most runners, I do not have an iron stomach. If I eat anything it would be an apple or banana. And coffee, always coffee – lots of coffee. 

Post-run food: proatmeal – protein powder, oatmeal, almond milk, blueberries or mango. Best post-workout meal, complex carbs, simple sugars, protein – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Pump up jam: Welcome to the Club – Manian

Race distance: ½ marathon or Ironman 70.3. Just long enough to make you wonder why you signed up, but short enough to get that juicy speed under your legs!

Race: Ironman Texas 2019 – 14+ hours of sheer magic.

Gluttonous indulgence: Key lime pie, Sinfull Everything Bar, cereal….like the bad-for-you sugary kind.

Instagram: @kimiya.young


Cali started running in high school while playing four other sports (swimming, soccer, basketball and volleyball). Sports relieved an unexplainable sense of anxiety that Cali struggled with from a young age. Her passion for running continued, leading her to a collegiate 10k running career at Rice University. While at Rice, Cali’s anxiety worsened, and she received a diagnosis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). During this time, Cali learned that she was not alone in her struggle. Everyone has some sort of challenge that life throws at them, whether it be  anxiety, grief, stress, finances or something else. The important thing is to find something that sets your soul on fire. For Cali, this was her faith, passion for running, and desire to give back. Cali is now a therapist that treats OCD and running continues to be a huge part of her life. Her life goals include raising awareness for mental health, and increasing opportunities for evidence-based practice for OCD and related disorders. She also wants to help others to realize that no matter what challenges they face in life, with hard work and determination, they can achieve their dream goals.


Pre-run food: Perfect Bars (Peanut-butter Dark Chocolate is her favorite)

Post-run food:  Waffles with pb&j + yogurt as topping

Pump up jam: This changes weekly but currently Geronimo by Sheppard

Race distance: Marathon

Race: Olympic Trials 2020

Gluttonous indulgence: Anything dark chocolate sea salt

Instagram: @caliroper