Proper Treadmill Form Can Prevent Injury (and Enhance Performance)

Doctor Oz recently reached out to RacePace co-founder and head coach Jeff Douse to learn how proper running form on the treadmill can prevent injury. Runners who switch from the outdoors to the indoors might need to adjust to the treadmill, but once you get your form down, the treadmill can actually be a safe and highly effective training asset.

“A treadmill can be an invaluable tool if [you] know how to use it,” Douse encourages, “offering a safe environment to exercise with maximum control of pacing and intensity.” Proper treadmill form is important for injury prevention, but it must also be combined with strength training, thoughtful recovery, and proper progression to minimize undue stress (running should challenge you, but it should not hurt you).

RacePace runners running on treadmills

Douse’s interview with Doctor Oz comes just before next week’s launch of our Strength for Runners Workshop, which is intended to address the pain and injury Oz mentions in the article. Be mindful of the most common treadmill running mistakes outlined below, and feel free to reach out to our coaching team if you have specific questions. 

  • You’re running too close to the display
  • You’re holding on to the handrails
  • You’re over-striding or under-striding
  • You’re not appropriately adjusting your mechanics for hills

Read the full article here. 

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